Clarisse Esmile is 23-year old writer hailing from sunny Manila and, like every other person her age, has no idea what she's doing with her life. College obviously hasn't equipped her for the horrors that adulthood would inevitably bring. She somehow found herself packing up a suitcase last June 2016 and moving to Sydney. She hasn't stopped falling in love since.

She'll be further educating herself for 2 more years before giving employment another shot. If that still doesn't work out, she's looking forward to becoming a full-time french fry enthusiast instead. That should be fun. If that still doesn't work out, she's planning to put the blame on the baby boomers.

This tiny space in the Internet contains things she thought were too precious not to share. She is, after all, a typical millennial. She hopes her words land somewhere deep inside you. If not, tell her how bad of a writer she is at esmileclarisse@gmail.com