In Another Universe

19 June 2015

In between writing branded content for a living, there are poems forming inside my head. This is a half-assed one.

In this universe, my poetry is the broken record you hear faintly when you're all alone. It's you and you and you and you and nothing else. I admit it's not the best sound but it's still my favorite even after all this time. In another reality, you're 23 and we just finished visiting the playground of the gods and in yet another one, I admire the way flowers grow upside down, their beauty hidden in the earth for people to discover.

In this universe, this poem is not a poem but the many ways a human can long for someone. 

I miss you at 1:44 in the afternoon when I'm writing something that doesn't have your name in it. I miss you on a cab ride and I suddenly wonder if you're in the city. I miss you when he kisses me in the dark and I'm looking at the silhouettes on his unwashed curtain. I know it's a year too late but here are the words I refused to say that day you came back from the ocean: I miss you.

Worst of all, I miss you and it's getting worse. It's gotten so bad that rest of the world is writing about you as well. When they write about lung cancer, they're writing about how your mouth greets sticks of Marlboro Lights like old friends. They write in the language of math because it's the only way to describe the way your jawline changed slopes when you open your mouth to kiss me and when they write music, I swear to you they're hearing the way your hips used to meet mine.

In this universe, this poem is not a poem but an emotional bandaid. In this universe, hope is a disease. In another, you're 86 and you tell me I look beautiful in my hospital gown. In this universe, Jacob is a cheater, Lazarus is dead, and Martha is a worrier. In all universes, I don't believe in a god but I am your disciple.

In this universe, I need to be reminded that there are things other than sadness.

Lol sorry this is what you guys get after my short hiatus from this blog. I'm really trying to become a better mom for this blog but life, you know? Let's follow each other on Instagram instead, yeah?

What are your different realities made of? :)

P.S. Do you like my new theme?!?! It's cleaner now and I removed the page breaks for lazy readers like me, lol. AND!!! I got it on sale (from $25 to $3.99) because I'm supposed to be on a shopping ban, lol.

Photo by Robert Chang Chien


    2) And let me just say even if you're declaring your writing to be ~half assed~ it's still really good. :) Keep writing, Clarisse!

  2. I can never write like this! Ang ganda ng half-assed mo ha! :))

  3. Very well written but I'm kinda confused what's this about. :) Btw I love your new theme!

    1. Hahahaha, told you it was half-assed =)))) thanks, Alissa! :D

  4. This reminds me of the film, Parallels, which is about the idea of a parallel universe. Nevertheless, I think it was eloquently written. :)


    1. Oooh, I don't know that movie! But, after a quick Google search, it looks interesting ha =))

  5. I love your new blog layout! And what you wrote made me want to just grab a cup of tea and read it all over again. haha. :)

    -Jannette | MERESSE